Puerto Pesquero Estepona

At the heart of the fishing port there is the fish market, the place where the fisherman takes the fish they have captured during the long, hard day to be sold to fishmongers, representatives of large supermarkets and wholesalers. Here you can watch different boats arrive at the port, loaded with the day’s catch, preparing to take it to the fish market to sell it at auction.

With a passion for the sea and a splendid balcony overlooking the Mediterranean, Estepona has always been linked to fishing. In the fishing port you have a stupendous opportunity to see this activity first-hand, which is still one of the cornerstones of Estepona’s economy. First thing in the morning, at approximately 06:00, the boats start to come into the port that they left the previous evening, having fished throughout the night, on what are known as purse seiners or trawlers. They then head to the fish market to start selling them. In the evening, between 17:30 and 20:00, there is an auction for the fish brought by the trawlers, as well as those that use gillnets, lines and long lines, who set off at dawn to return before sunset with the catch of the day.

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Puerto Pesquero Estepona
Puerto Pesquero de Estepona. Entorno del Faro.
29680 Estepona (Estepona)
Tel.: 952 80 20 02
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