The town of Manilva runs adjacent to the province of Cadiz. Its pleasant temperatures throughout the year invite visitors to fully enjoy the Mediterranean Sea. In addition to its extensive coastline, this town boasts of La Duquesa Marina, which will enthral lovers of sailing and anyone who simply wishes to enjoy the good culinary arts of this town. If one wishes to wash down a meal with the very best wine, there is nothing better than the wines made in the area, where extensive muscatel vineyards surround its whitewashed historic centre. This area is full of history, as is evidenced by the Phoenician remains in Castillejos de Alcorrín and in the Castle, located next to an ancient Roman villa equipped with baths and a necropolis, which has been declared an Archaeological Site of Cultural Interest.

Mar, 34
29691 Manilva
Tel.: 952890065
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Number of inhabitants
Surface area
35 km2
Distance from the capital
97 km
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