The unmistakable silhouette of the Sierra Blanca, which is visible from any point of the area, makes Marbella a privileged site located between the sea and the mountains. Today the town has become a point of reference for world-wide tourism, without having lost an iota of its typically Andalusian flavour or its historical essence. Tradition and modernity come together in this city on the Mediterranean to provide visitors with a nuance-rich, multicultural and cosmopolitan environment, which is open to progress and a way of life based on coexistence and the welcoming nature of its people. The exclusiveness of its tourist offering is without doubt Marbella's strong point. It includes elite sports, outstanding golf clubs, luxury hotels, health and wellness centres, top international boutiques and numerous places to taste the best cuisine, enjoy the night-life, relax or simply enjoy the peace and quiet of Marbella's outstanding surroundings.

de los Naranjos, 1
29600 Marbella
Tel.: 952761100
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Name given to inhabitants
Marbellíes / Marbelleros
Number of inhabitants
Surface area
114 km2
Distance from the capital
56 km
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